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About our founder 

Chris is a Colorado native, but ethnically, she is Cantonese with significant Vietnamese cultural influence. As a child, Chris and her family frequently visited Hong Kong. Her Vietnamese born parents deeply valued their Chinese heritage and wanted to impart the significance of retaining their culture within Chris. It was during these trips that Chris was introduced to Hong Kong style milk teas. At a young age, she developed a love for this sweet, creamy delight. With each visit, her appreciation for the rich and bold brews of tea grew. Her adoration for milk teas eventually drew Chris to study abroad in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, Chris frequently visited Taiwan, where she was exposed to a different style of milk tea, the Taiwanese bubble tea.

Hong Kong milk teas are typically served hot while Taiwanese bubble teas are served cold. Chris was exposed to bubble tea, also known as boba, on her many visits to Taiwan. The concept of bubble teas is to use premium tea, much like in Hong Kong, as the foundation for crafting various tea and mixed fruit drinks. Toppings, such as boba are then added to create an additional dimension of flavor and texture. The mixed tea is shaken and poured over boba or any other topping of your choice.

 Returning to the US, Chris felt a sense of detachment, after drinking milk teas almost daily for a year in Hong Kong and discovering bubble teas in Taiwan. She vividly remembered the taste, texture, and euphoria of drinking milk teas. Chris began brewing tea at home, mixing various fruits, milks, and toppings together. This self-experimentation eventually led to the beginning of Tea Street.

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